Gambling for Beginners: Do’s and Don’t’s

Gambling can either be a very pleasurable pastime or a dreadful ordeal for a beginner.

Gambling is an unforgiving sport and if one is na?ve enough to gamble without knowing the basics, gambling will surely be a traumatic experience.

Being intimidated by this aspect of gambling is not necessary as there are so many ways to avoid such unlucky start. Here are some do’s and don’ts beginners must know to guarantee an enjoyable gambling experience.


1.Know The Game.

Before you lay down your money on the line, make sure you study the rules and mechanics of the game through books and the Internet. It is also worthwhile to observe a few rounds/hands of the game you desire being played.

The latter is more important so as to familiarize yourself with the ‘feel’ of the game and to ensure that you won’t be clueless once you are actually playing.

After all, being an absolute beginner is not really a good reason to lose money big time, is it?

2.Set a Budget Limit Before Playing.

Before starting to play, determine a budget limit and stick to it. This is to keep yourself in check especially when you are in a winning streak and it is easy to get carried away betting your winnings.

3.Play Only When in a Clear Disposition.

Beginners must understand that while Gambling may seem to be all about money, it is still a mental endeavor and playing when tired or while in the influence of alcohol will only make one more susceptible in making mistakes and bad decisions.

4.Know The Odds.

Mathematical probability, not luck, is central in any gambling activity. Recognizing if the odds are in your favor before betting is the most efficient way to maximize winnings and minimize losses.

5.Expect to Lose.

Gambling is called as such because there is no certainty in it. All of the previously mentioned tips will only help you in avoiding losses, not preventing them. Acknowledging losses as part of the experience is the best attitude when gambling as expecting to win every time will only lead to disappointment and frustration.


1.Be Greedy.

Know when to stop. Beginners are most often guilty of the feeling of invincibility just because they are in a winning streak. It is certain that a loss will come at some point in the future and quitting while one is ahead is the best way to avoid losing what one has just won.

2.Gamble More Than You Can Afford.

The habit of some people losing money for essential needs because of gambling is what gives gambling its negative perceptions. Remember the concept of setting up a budget limit? Stick to it and avoid losing money that should have been spent on necessities.

3.Be Afraid to Gamble.

It may be hard to believe but some people really are afraid to bet even if the odds are favorable. Recall that it is ok to gamble especially if the likelihood of winning is high and as long as you are within your budget limit.

As noted earlier, these tips are meant only to aid beginners in minimizing losses, not stopping them. More than that, these tips help beginners attain that other, often forgotten goal in gambling aside from amassing wealth – to have fun! No matter what the result of your gamble may be, you will always come out a winner as long as you are having fun.